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Last Updated: 2011-11-30

Our Clients

Communications Infrastructure

Skyward Towers is positioned to support your company’s growth in the competitive wireless market, including voice over internet protocol, 3G and other applications requiring wireless transmission infrastructure.

Whether you are engineering a build-out for high-definition digital television or expanding your market coverage, Skyward Towers has the scope and expertise to deliver microwave capacity when and where you need it.

Skyward has worked with both private and public clients to design, install and maintain VHF/UHF communications systems. Our project teams understand the critical nature of these systems and are able to respond quickly and effectively to your needs – whatever the time of day or night.

Wind Energy

Skyward engineers and installation teams are on the forefront of wind-energy technology. Tower location, height and design make a significant difference in energy production. Whether your proposed installation is powering a cottage, a farm or a neighbourhood, Skyward is here to ensure that your installation achieves maximum performance.