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Last Updated: 2011-11-30

Corporate Responsibility

When man and nature collide, nature often emerges the loser. Through projects like Operation Osprey, Skyward Towers is working to right that balance, and proving that the private sector can have a role in positive environmental change. Skyward Towers supports local community groups working to protect wildlife habitat, including:

Georgian Bay Osprey Society

In 1997, Skyward worked with the Georgian Bay Cottagers Association, Georgian Bay Osprey Society, Coast Guard, Ontario Hydro and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to relocate osprey nests to new platforms on 9.5-metre cedar poles.

The osprey is a large fish hawk with a 1.4- to 1.8-metre wing span. Every year, osprey return from their wintering grounds to the shores of North American lakes, rivers and oceans. Powerful flyers, they navigate from locations as far south as Argentina, arriving in southern Canada at the end of March.

Ospreys prefer nesting sites with clear access hazardous locations such as high-voltage towers, communications towers and telephone poles are favourite choices. It was one such nest, perched on top of a 23-metre Canadian Coast Guard telecommunications tower slated for demolition, which launched the Skyward Osprey Project.