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Last Updated: 2011-11-30

About Skyward Towers

Based in southern Ontario, Skyward has the management, technical and financial scope to deliver projects on time and at a fair price. Creative solutions, quick response and attention to detail are built into every project. Our tower installation crews are among the most qualified and safety conscious in the industry.

People are the core of Skyward's capability. We hire the best and make them better. Our project management team, design engineers and field installation crews are seasoned tower professionals. Their enthusiasm and dedication equip us to meet technological change with confidence.

Whether your installation is a stand-alone tower or a co-location on a rooftop or a water tower, Skyward Towers delivers. We have built towers on mountains, in swamps and in cities. We have installed antenna systems from VHF to 23 GHz on towers up to 150 metres, and designed and implemented wireless local area networks in libraries. We look forward to meeting whatever challenges you send us.