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New Site Development Engineering
New Site Development
Upgrades and Maintenance
Technical Services
Last Updated: 2011-11-30

Our crews have delivered towers and upgrades in the Labrador winter; in Ontario northlands; atop mountains; in marshlands and on high-rise buildings.New Site Development

Getting Skyward involved early on ensures that projects get the best start possible. Our construction managers will attend to the details: from opening access roads to power supply, fencing, landscaping and site buildings.

Manufacturing and Procurement
Skyward sources the most reliable towers and equipment—rigorous procurement protocols ensure that clients benefit from our expertise and get the best return on investment. This flexibility of supply allows Skyward to respond quickly to your requirements, fast-tracking projects to early completion with minimum disruption and delay.

Modular self-support towers up to 30 metres are also available from our sister company, Best Towers.

Each Skyward installation crew has years of experience erecting monopoles, guyed and self-supporting towers, complete with antennas, lines and attachments, under all conditions. The toughest installation problems are met with innovative solutions that work from the start.

Testing and Verification
When the project is complete, we verify transmission lines and certify that the project meets client specifications and applicable standards. As-built drawings offer a final record of all work completed on your behalf.