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New Site Development Engineering
New Site Development
Upgrades and Maintenance
Technical Services
Last Updated: 2011-11-30

Upgrades and Maintenance

We have handled every kind of tower upgrade, including fault-over installations for greater redundancy and reliability, installation of steerable microwave systems, and design and correction of deficiencies even in remote sites under rigorous conditions. You can trust our engineers, project managers and on-site teams to deliver results, whether you require installation and testing of digital microwave systems, digital multiplexers, paging, microwave, cellular or VHF antennas.

Maintenance and Inspection
Vandalism, lightning strikes, service drop-off, aging equipment, all result in a need for service, whether pre-planned or emergency.  Our project management and field teams have the expertise and experience to solve any service problem which may arise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Skyward has in place a 24-hour emergency telephone number (toll-free), complete with answering service, to receive your maintenance  requests.  Services available under this program include general troubleshooting, antenna system testing and maintenance, the change-out of antennas, lines and/or connectors, lighting maintenance, microwave dish re-orientation or removal, grounding changes or repairs, and much more.   For non-emergency services, such as routine maintenance or a program of site inspections, a comprehensive plan can be developed well in advance, to meet the client's needs.

Installation of Attachments
Skyward will troubleshoot, implement and test antenna systems from VHF to 23 GHz; digital microwave systems including digital multiplexers, paging, microwave, cellular and VHF antennas; and install coaxial, elliptical and rigid waveguides with associated connectors.